Offer same day delivery from your store straight to your customers door.



Sometimes life’s unpredictability means we need things urgently. Urgent doesn’t mean next day delivery, it means today! That’s why we will deliver from your favourite stores to your front door, the very same day!

Your brands - One place

Our technologies are fully integrated into your favourite brand's checkouts. Simply go to the brand you want to shop with, place your order, select Samdai delivery; then relax!

personable experience

Our couriers are treated with the same respect as the CEO. This helps us ensure that they deliver the experience you deserve!
Need something extra? - No problem for our couriers!

supercharged same day delivery

Next day delivery is sometimes too late. That's why we guarantee delivery within 2 hours or less! - No more missed deliveries or waiting around!


Saypaloma's Logo

Say-paloma - A bohemian fashion & jewellwey boutique, featuring handmade artaisan collections from around the world. 

Phenom lifestyle logo

Phenom is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle! “Rep what you are!” is Phenom’s staple tagline, combining street & sportsware with positive vibes.

 Arnold & Co. - Craftmanship and quality. Beautifully crafted clothing and accessories built to last.


Working with Samdai

Samdai team coding


We believe that no-one should have to wait for what they want! This is why we need individuals like you to help us achieve this.

Same-day delivery courier drinking

Ride with Samdai

Fair pay, flexible work and respect are three of the many benefits you gain by becoming a rider with Samdai.

Clothing on coat hangers


Partner with Samdai to keep up with the changing market, reach more customers and increase your sales.



What You Think

I am so pleased I came cross Samdai! They are literally the 21st century lifesavers! I needed a last minute dress for my friend's birthday celebrations and they delivered it just in time!! The driver even had a smile on his face! Would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone.
Young white speech therapist female smiling
Speech & Language Therapist
I placed my order and selected same day delivery at the checkout. It was quick, easy and so convenient. I ordered a pair of shoes for my interview. My order was placed at 15.39pm and it arrived at my door at exactly 16.47pm. The shoes were wrapped in the stores packaging and delivered with a smile. The rider was so polite. He is a credit to Samdai. Fantastic service.
Black male student
Ordered a last minute top for going out in and wasn’t disappointed. Fast delivery is an understatement. Was on time and came as fast as promised! Absolute life saver!!! Definitely using them again 10/10!!!
Black smiling rugby player
Professional Rugby League Player