Store owner making clothes

Your store's clothing, delivered. Quick.

Store owner making clothes

We help stores like yours deliver

Increased Sales

Online-marketplace exposure for your store allows new customers to find you, increasing the number of potential sales. Let us do the hard work.

Lower Delivery Costs

The cost efficient way to provide customers with what they need, with a plan that is built around you.

You Are the Heart of Samdai

At Samdai we believe that our stores are at the heart of the business! Without you we would not be able to function, that's why we provide flexible and realistic delivery prices to suit your specific needs.

Help to Supply the Demand

Sometimes customers want better than 3-5 days delivery. We provide what other couriers can't at a fraction of the price.

Increased Traffic

Customers driven from our marketplace, straight to your online store, whether they use us or not!


Need help, advice or just want a chat - we're here whenever you need us.


What You Think

"My online traffic has almost doubled within the first 6 months of using Samdai and my online sales have never been better."
C&D Tailors
"The clothing business is changing, no-one wants to leave the house in the pouring rain or wait 2-5 working days for delivery. People want it now. Samdai have allowed us to meet this expectation."
Crystal shoes
"Our store is a small independent retailer that has gained great exposure through using Samdai!"


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More orders, new customers, faster delivery. Sound good? Own your delivery. 

Partnered stores hanging blue weave